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 Banned Members

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PostSubject: Banned Members   Tue Feb 15, 2011 7:05 pm

Put here the members that are banned and why are they banned.

1. Andragon (Permanent) - A troll. [Banned by Gokuatruehero]
2. beafowl (Permanent) - Poster of that useless genoscutu BS. [Banned by Delta Blader]
3. genoscutu (Permanent) - beafowl's second account. [Banned by Delta Blader]
4. Username (Permanent) - Dwight25861's second account.
5. Rance02 (Permanent) - A horrible, horrible troll
6. jmcaibal10 (Permanent) - CaibalBlader10's second account.
7. GemiosBlader10 (Temporary - 15 days) - It's about time.
8. BigBangBlader (Permanent) - ThunderOrso20's second account.


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Banned Members
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