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 Flame Bull 100 S/ES/MS

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PostSubject: Flame Bull 100 S/ES/MS   Thu Apr 14, 2011 11:12 pm

Face:Any Plastic face (Because Metal Face will just mess up the stamina
CW:Bull (One of the Heaviest Wheels)
MW:Flame (Best Destabilizer Wheel)
Track:100 (Low profile)
Bottom:You have a choice between S - Moderate Stamina but bit heavy ES - lot of Stamina but light
MS - High Stamina and bit heavy

Stadium:MFB Attack Stadium
Launcher:Light Launcher
Launching Style:Normal Launching
The one who has more stamina always first.

VS Attack BLAZEUP3904's Combo Ray Pegasis T125RF
S - 8/10 Flame Bull Won
ES - 8/10 Flame Bull Won
MS - 9/10 Flame Bull Won

VS Top Tier Defense Earth Cancer C145CS
S - 9/10 Flame Bull won
ES - 10/10 Flame Bull Won
MS - 10/10 Flame Bull won

VS Top Tier Stamina Burn Aquario 145WD
S - 5/5 Tie match
ES - 8/10 Flame Bull Won
MS - 9/10 Flame Bull won

Overall This is a great destabilizer combo that may lose to some stamina types.

If you think this combo is noob don't be shy to post.


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Delta Blader
Delta Blader

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PostSubject: Re: Flame Bull 100 S/ES/MS   Fri Apr 15, 2011 12:07 am

Stadium:MFB Attack Stadium
Launcher:Beylauncher/ Beylauncher LR
Launching Style:Normal Launching (Banking for attack types)
Flame Bull launched first.

(I won't bother against Stamina because it's it's weakness anyways)

VS. MF Gravity Perseus D125RF (Left Spin, Counter mode)
S - 10/0 in Favor of Perseus
ES - 9/1 in Favor of Perseus
MS - 9/1 in favor of Perseus

VS. MF-H Basalt Aquario GB145CS
S - 10/0 in favor of Aquario
ES - 10/0 in favor of Aquario
MS - 10/0 in favor of Aquario

Yo, it sucks. No offense. I have a question, why don't you have the will to learn? You've wronged the customizations forum lots of times. YOU WERE WARNED. Yet you didn't listen. Warning Level 1 given. Next time, it's a ban.
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Flame Bull 100 S/ES/MS
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