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 Gokuatruehero (Ryozo)

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PostSubject: Gokuatruehero (Ryozo)   Fri May 13, 2011 9:06 pm

Name: Ryozo Kobayashi

Beynies: 10
LVL: 3
EXP: 372
A sporty boy, at the age of 7, he acquired the highest belt in Karate, He recently collected many things like Gundam, Yu-Gi-Oh! and Beyblade. He is quite versatile at his age of 15. He is a very hardworking person. He strives to attain what he deserves.

Beyblade: Big Bang Pegasis I W105F:D Right Engine Gear Final Clutch
Special Attacks: Starfall - 1SAP, Big Bang Drive - 2 SAP, Full Burst Attack - 3 SAP

HP: 4300
ADP: 4000
Attack: 16
Defense: 16
Stamina: 10


Launcher: 1
Face/Bit Chip: Pegasis I - 10
Clear Wheel (MFB only): Pegasis I - 50
Metal Wheel/Attack Ring: Big Bang - 120
Track and SG: W105 Right Engine Gear Final Clutch >Engine Gear Final Clutch +1000HP and ADP if HP and ADP is less than 1000. RIGHT SPIN - 140
Blade Base/Bottom: F:D > Can change from SF to RF. After mode change, +30HP - 40
TOTAL: 360/30 is 12.


Record: 0-0


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Gokuatruehero (Ryozo)
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