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 Gokuatruehero (Rogie)

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PostSubject: Gokuatruehero (Rogie)   Gokuatruehero (Rogie) EmptyTue May 17, 2011 8:38 am

Name: Rogie

Background: Ryozo's girlfriend, who lives at Hagan-tech City.

Beynies: 0

LVL: 1
EXP: 168

Beyblade: MF Basalt Aquario AD145WB Engine Gear Right Spin First Clutch
HP: 4100
ADP: 4000
Attack: 11
Defense: 16.5
Stamina: 11


Launcher: 1
Face/Bit Chip: Metal Face Aquario - 20
Clear Wheel: Aquario - 50
Metal Wheel/Attack Ring: Basalt - 70
Track and SG: AD145 Engine Gear Right Spin First Clutch > +1000HP and +1000ADP at the start of the battle. - 75 (EDITED, 80/2= 40 + 70/2=35=75)
Blade Base/Bottom: WB - 40
TOTAL: 255/30 = 8.5

Extra Parts:

EG Left First Clutch.

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Gokuatruehero (Rogie)
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